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Where can I get more information about KMMM?

You can download

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What is behind the eight key areas?

The next level of detail after key areas is called 'topics'. At the moment there are 62 topics defined, between 7 and 9 in each key area.
Has the arrangement of the key areas in the octagon any special meaning?
The representation of the key areas in an octagon is designed to express conceptual relationships between the key areas through the "spatial" arrangement. Adjacent key areas / sectors are "close" to each other in terms of content, while opposite sectors represent antitheses of the corresponding key distinction.
Where can I get a 'checklist' with the topics?
KMMM is not a checklist approach. Work related interviews and workshops lead by experienced consultants and facilitators are used for data gathering. Mechanically checking off a list does not create a common understanding of actual and optimal organizational practice. You learn about topics and indicators for maturity during a KMMM training or a KMMM project with supervision.

What are the typical results of an audit?

Generally KMMM leads to understanding and appreciation of a gradual and integral development of Knowledge Management. It delivers the important qualitative and quantitative information to navigate this journey. Quantitative results include a maturity profile of the organization showing the maturity level for each key area. Qualitative results comprise information about the organization's daily KM practice as well as ideas and action proposals for improvement.

How do I get from results to actions?

Because KMMM is built upon an enabler model for KM it already points to interventions with its 'topics' . Normally you would try 'balancing' the maturity profile, which means improving weaker key areas first. The actual maturity level helps to choose the right approach and scope of action.

How long does a KMMM Project typically last?

The duration of a KMMM Project depends on the size of the organization / organizational unit explored. Six weeks may be a good estimation.

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