Who is 'behind' KMMM ?

The Organization

KMMM was developed at Siemens AG in the competence center "knowledge management" of corporate R&D.

The successful environment for knowledge management activities at Siemens has been honoured by various institutions. E.g. the American Productivity & Quality Center APQC, Houston, Texas has named Siemens one of five global organizations out of 80 candidates worldwide that serve as models for implementing knowledge management (KM) successfully.

The Persons

The "inventors" are Dres. Manfred Langen and Karsten Ehms.

Dr.-Ing. Manfred Langen
began work in the field of knowledge management in the Corporate Department Technology in 1996, since when he has managed numerous projects on the subject. At the beginning of 1997 he co-founded the Siemens Corporate Knowledge Management Network. Using his experience in software engineering, he transferred the Capability Maturity Model into the domain of knowledge management in 1999.

Dr.-Phil. Karsten Ehms (Dipl.-Psych.)
has been working in the field of the "learning organization" since 1995. After completing his thesis on this subject in 1997, he managed a number of projects on personnel development and change management at a management consultancy. Since the end of 1999, he has been working with Dr. Langen on the development of the KMMM.